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While the Museum is closed, we’re still busy finding new ways to bring our educators, programs, and resources to you. Your gift to The MOS Fund will help us continue to provide access to world-class STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) experiences today and grow our Virtual Museum of Science to inspire the innovators of tomorrow.

MOS at Home

Now more than ever, everyone needs access to science. MOS at Home is now available at mos.org, via livestreams, and on our social channels.

Tell Us Why Science Matters to You!

When you make your gift, please tell us why Science Matters to you and your family! You can also share your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #ScienceMatters.

Your support demonstrates that science matters and should be accessible to all.

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Why Science Matters to Us

For my good friend, Vincent Cicchetti. —Caitlin R.

I am a volunteer and feel when I cannot donate my time, at least I can make a donation. Thanks for what you do! —Angelike T.

Science and all evidence and logic supported studies must be dispersed to the masses now more than ever! Coleslaw's Corner, Science in Drag is the kind of science education and entertainment I can really get behind. I'm so glad it is being shown online! It's awesome. I hope it continues and I get to see it in person some day. —Catriana P.

Science is our most pragmatic solution to our current pandemic. We need science more than ever! —Susan P.

Coleslaw —Andrew W.

Thank you for Isabella & Brian’s delightful, informative session. Wish I were able to contribute much more. And every little bit counts, as ‘they’ say. —Rebecca Wish E.

I'm 67 and first went to the museum with my mother when I was about 10. Our family continued the tradition with our two daughters, one of whom was a summer volunteer. It's always been a special place for us. —Roy G.

Our son Maximilian White, age 8 has been watching your free webinars for weeks now since his school closed. Your museum has helped us tremendously by keeping him engaged and interested in Science. He is so familiar with your scientists he will yell oh, Katy dyed her hair, oh, It's Emily again and check out Pablo's crazy hair. It's been a huge inspiration and encouragement to our son. Thank you. —Donald W.

Thank you for the wonderful science at home zoom sessions. You are inspiring my young children and giving them an amazing, and interactive science experience at home! —Kristen G.

Science matters because it teaches us about the world around us and how things work. Thanks for hosting great events - I hope to join more virtual and in-person events soon. —Diana R.

It keeps my mind alive and gives me hope for the future. —Heather R.

No matter what future profession my 3 children choose, it's critical to me that they all develop curious minds and respect science. —Jennifer S.

Happy to support my new colleagues!! —Kara P.

Today, more than ever, we are reminded of how important science is to our lives, each and every day. MOS is a Boston institution that will help to inspire our next generation of scientist who can go on to change the world! —Susan H.

Love Boston MOS. Hope to take my kids again when all this nonsense is under control even tho we live in VA. —Megan L.

This donation is an extra gift, beyond our existing membership, to help you survive the financial stress of covid-19. —Mary L.

Science is important in our daily lives. My brother graduated with a Master's Degree in Material Science. —Margaret P.

Science matters because curiosity about how our world works is what makes us human. I took my 8th graders to the MOS for a field trip this past fall and it was an awesome experience. Thank you! —Amieland S.

Science holds the key to understanding the mysteries of the universe! —MARTA I.

Because it is the origin and the cure —Joanna K.

We always find a new exhibit that really enjoy. —William D.

Science is at the core of life and it is essential to our future - fiscally, medically, educationally, artistically. We need to promote it and support it. —Robin L.

retired engineer —Thomas D.

Fond memories of going to the Museum in the late '70s-early '80s -- an opportunity that I hope to share with future generations. —Jed P.

I was a volunteer in the BPS 2nd grade program for many years and enjoyed it so much. I hope the museum will continue to thrive. —Susan R.

We love the science museum and miss it there! Hope to be back soon as it's safe. —Janie C.

Apart from its academic significance, look at the problems we get when our elected officials, and large segments of the nation, neither understand nor accept the role science must play in our lives and our future. —John N.

Science has always been important, but more now than ever. I love that you program for all ages interested in science, but particularly the programs which inspire our next generation of scientists. Thanks! —Susan P.

The MOS has been an inspiration to my grandchildren and I have always loved bringing them there as I loved going when I was young. You are a Boston institution and I want you to weather the storm and become stronger for generations to come. —Carol D.

I love that there's something for everyone at the MoS! The exhibits are so thoughtfully designed and executed, and it's nice to see the enduring along side the innovative. My dad used to tell the story of going to the MoS with my grandfather when it first opened, when they practically had the whole place to themselves. It's a nice memory when I go there now with my nephews or with friends to just see what's new. Good luck--#ScienceDoesMatter! —Maureen J.

We cannot function as a society without science. —Margot L.

Science helps us all better move through our world, and the MoS, in particular, matters to me because I remember spending hours at a time absorbing all that the it provides, including a family "Overnight at the Museum". I want that opportunity to continue for generations to come. —Brian D.

We need to save our planet - and teach our children how —suzanne S.

We have loved the MOS for years! I have taken all 3 of my kids there and is means so much to us! Hope we all get back on track soon. Science is what will pull us through this pandemic -- thank you for being one of the best science museums in the USA! MOS will always be a treasure to us! —Amy W.

I remember when my children were young and we lived at Worthington Place apartments (the old Kendall Tank & Boiler Company) the MOS was a sanctuary for us -- an escape to experience, an adventure of the mind and spirit. Our gift is not much during this time of troubles, but I hope it will help a little bit. Good luck, god speed, Ad Astra, and good health to all! —Andrew N.

My kids have loved coming to MOS their whole lives. Even now, as college students they enjoy a visit now and again. This is in honor of My Daughter Jillian graduating from UMass Amherst this week! —Kate T.

Science is my guiding light and the MoS has had a huge impact on my life in fostering a deep desire for inquiry and exploration. —Eric Z.

My grandson who is eight is very interested in the plantnets and stars and the universe —Edith T.

I've worked at the MoS longer than anyplace, in my life. —Christian I.

Fundamental to quality of our lives and taking care of each other and our planet. —Marjorie T.

I am a former teach and now a grandparent. My daughter-in-law in Boston has told me that the programs from the Museum of Science have been invaluable as she works in homeschooling her children. And, I know science has to lead the way if we are to preserve our planet Earth. —Carol C.

I participated in Obscured Vision last night. Thank you for a wonderful evening!! —Marybeth O.

Because I teach first grade! —Lisa M.

The MOS At Home Live-streams have been a bright spot in our day of homeschooling! My son is engaged and interested in EVERY topic that has been presented and absolutely loves that he can ask questions to an expert. Science matters to us because it is woven into every fiber of life. Without it we would be lost and the Museum of Science is one way I can help spark the love of learning and experimentation in the kids I am raising. Thank you to the museum for keeping this going! —Alison M.

it's a serious social issue. young people must be engaged. our future depends upon it. —patricia W.

Wonderful programs! Loved Obscured Vision! —Marlene S.

For the future of my children —Bridget L.

In my 80 years of life The MOS has enriched-excited-encompassed myself and my family . Thank you —PAUL A.

We are making a gift in remembrance of Mr. Jerry Panarese and his wife Virginia who both passed away this month. Jerry was a long time volunteer at the museum so this seems like a fitting tribute. Thank you. —Cynthia V.

Because I visited the Museum of Science every weekend with my daughter when I lived in Boston. It is a special place. —Jared B.