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Shooting Star

Which Constellation Are You?

Question 1

When you look up at the night sky, you see:

Prime real estate
The amazing stories behind the constellations
A place you really want to go
New constellations you create yourself
So many things you want to tell the kids about
Question 2

You’re planning a romantic date with your true love. Time to:

Get the champagne and caviar
Set up a candlelight dinner at home
Dress up for that new art gallery opening
Buy tickets to the symphony
Break out the kayaks
Question 3

You’re stranded on a desert island. You’re sure glad you managed to grab:

Your favorite book
A volleyball
Your $100 bottle of moisturizer
A solar-powered radio
The family photo album
Question 4

If you could have one career in a science-related field, you’d be:

A conservationist
An inventor
An astronomer
A veterinarian
An artificial intelligence developer
Question 5

You’ve just walked through the main doors of the Museum of Science. You’re most excited to see:

The Live Animal Care Center
The high-tech 4-D Theater experience
The Butterfly Garden
The Behind the Scenes new exhibit preview
The Thrill Ride 360° dynamic simulators

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